ALIOT IoT Platform

ALIOT IoT Platform supports oneM2M and global standard interface and Oauth 2.0(Security) which is Authentification based on Token protocol. Will be migrated AI Algorithm on IoT Platform.


Aliot Edge is intelligent IoT Network technology that aggregates any IoT devices and sensors with diverse and equipment at very ease. Also It enables to adapt service scenario and algorithm among these IoT devices.


Data Service Platform provides Data Analysis and AI Workload through Integrating Various Data

ALIOT Portal

Provides UX(User eXperience) and UI(User Interface) to optimize customer's requirements with Various Data

Product : Major Features and Specification.

Distributing Intelligent Algorithm

Edge Computing provides DFM(Data Flow Management) Enviorment for Various Algorithms.

Managing Various Sensors and Devices

Can monitor the status of device and real-time data processing on Sensor Map.

Fault Management with various charts and logs

Efficient Monitoring for the status of device with various charts and Enforced Fault Management with Syslog.

Total Management System with Grouping

Delivering Same command to all devices in the same group with Advanced Setting.

Various Reports for Gathering Data

Extracting the wanted report with the filter features as type and period.

Intelligent Rule Engine

Defined Complex Event based on Intelligent Rule Engine and Easy Management of Event with the sensor data.


ALIOT Edge improves IoT Operating Enviorment with Embeded Computing Power dramatically. Various scenario of IoT Service can be distributed and Efficient operation with prompt action after Data connection and preprocessing

  • Provides Edge to Cloud Enviornment.
  • Distributes Various IoT Service Scnarios with interoparability of ALIOT IoT Platform.
  • Provides the flexibility of Connectivity between 15+ IoT protocols and various servers.
  • Provides Monitoring and managing the existing systems(Controllers) in Companies and Factories through Wired/Wireless Telecommunication.
  • expands additional sensors and devices (ANY) with standard specification.
  • Easy deployment in Any Enviornment with Low-powered devices and systems.

Edge Gateway


    SoC : Intel Atom SoC integrated
    RAM : Built-in 2GB DDR3L 1333 MHz up to 8GB
    Features, Size : 157(Width) x 88(Height) x 50mm(Depth) (6.2"x 3.5"x 2.0")

  • HPE EL10

    SoC : Intel E3826 Dual-Core Atom, 1.46GHz, Integrated GPU
    RAM : 4GB DDR3L 1333MHz SO-DIMM (8GB CTO option)
    Features : 2.5 1ea on SATA HDD bay, 32GB SATA SSD(Standard), mSATA with mini-PCIe slot
    Size : 13.97cm(Width) x 3.56cm(Height) x 11.68cm(Depth)

  • HPE EL20

    SoC : Intel 4300U Dual-Core i5, 1.9GHz, GT2-4400 Graphic
    RAM : 8GB DDR3 1600MHz SO-DIMM
    Features : 2.5 1ea on SATA HDD bay, 32GB SATA SSD(Standard), mSATA with mini-PCIe slot
    Size : 26.44cm(Width) x 7.52cm(Height) x 13.31cm(Depth)