Grator was founded in 2016 with the speciality of Intelligent IoT Platform.
ALIOT IoT Platform is pioneering Smart-X market as Smart-City, Smart-Building, Smart-Home, Smart-Metering.
Owns Digital Twin, IoT, IoT Hub, Chatbot technologies for Intelligent Service.

Gractor will unfold new IoT Platform era with innovative edge IoT platform technology and its values.

Gractor aims to open a new era with Aliot technology that makes it possible to connect between human beings and things in a meaningful way.



Aliot provides an intelligent IoT platform on a basis of studio technology that eventually enables each customers to operate IoT platform just like easy-to-use tool, MS powerpoint.

Company History

  • 10. E-Safety Platform for Sejong Smart Energy city (by KETEP)
    Kyunggido province office IoT / Bigdata critical facility AI warning System (By MOIS)
  • 08. Fine dust big data response system (By NIA)
  • 07. KT Bizcollabo project
  • 05. Next Gen, Infra and Data service Consulting for Seoul National Univ. Hospital.
  • 03. Won Guro (Local Government) Smart City master plan consulting and development of Smart City Archiving System
  • 02. NH Bank DCMS (IT4.0) : IoT Data Center
  • 01. 2019 CES Participation (Exhibitor)
    KT AI Smart Water Grid
  • 12. Ministry of Science and ICT R&D Service Certificate
    Ministry of SMEs and Startups Air Quality (Inside) R&D Project
    Seoul City IoT Security Service(Guro) Project
    ALIOT Edge Platform GS 1st grade Certificate
  • 11. HP Demo Center
  • 10. LH Opened IOT Home Energy Cloud (Commax)
    Ministry of Land, Infra. And Transport Smart City Air Quality(Outdoor) Project (with KT)
  • 06. Patent for IoT Management Technology
    Patent for IoT SOP(Standard of Process)
  • 01. UNIST Science World Project
  • 11. ICT Cloud Campus Project
    Patent for Digital Telescope
  • 09. A patent application: ALIOT Company Name
    A patent application: ALIOT Logo
    A patent application: Management system and computing program for IoT service
  • 07. A patent application: Gractor Name & Logo
    Investment: Series A USD 2M (Korea Development Bank)
    Broadcasting: YTN news, VR contents "Big History"
  • 04. Nomination: First Penguin Start-up company by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund
    A patent application: Virtualisation system and computer program for smart factory
    A patent application: Disaster prevention and response training based on IoT environment
  • 03. Participated in SWEET (Solar Wind Earth Energy Trade Fair) 2017
  • 02. Won Smart Factory project of Hyundai Motors
  • 01. Won 'Big History VR Project', small-medium VR support business by Korea Contents Oraganisation
  • 12. Broadcasted in SBS Special program for “New IoT World”
  • 11. Nominated as most outstanding software startup by NIPA
  • 07. Established R&D of IoT Platform
  • 04. Established Gractor from New business of TOBE Soft


Gractor keeps developing high quality of certificates and patents through advanced technologies.

  • 특허등록증
    Certificate of Patent
  • 특허등록증
    Certificate of Patent
  • 특허등록증
    Certificate of Patent
  • 특허등록증
    Certificate of Patent
  • 디자인등록증
    Certificate of Design
  • 저작권등록증
    Copyright of Big History VR 1
  • 저작권등록증
    Copyright of Big History VR 2
  • 저작권등록증
    Copyright of Big History VR 3
  • 소프트웨어품질인증서
    GS Certificate of Software Quality
  • 기업부설연구소인정서
    Certificate of R&D Center
  • 퍼스트펭귄형창업기업신청서
    Certificate of Fist Penguine (Pioneer)
  • 직접생산확인증명서
    Certificate of Direct Production Confirmation
  • 중소기업확인서
    Certificate of SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise)
  • 연구개발서비스업신고증
    Certificate of R&D Service
  • 소프트웨어사업자신고확인서
    Certificate of Software Company
  • 벤처기업확인서
    Certificate of Start-up

Corporate Identity (Logo)

Our understanding toward the universe has been expanded tremendously in the last few decades. But there are still some mysteries out there, and the Great Attractor is one of them. Since the Big Bang, the universe has been spreading out in every direction, and it’s picking up speed. The space between galaxies is getting larger every day. Currently, things are drifting apart at a rate of 2.2 million kilometers per hour. Now, you’d think that the galaxies to the left and the right of ours would be moving at the same velocity. You’d be wrong.

What’s slowing us down is enormous clumps of matter. Matter is attracted to matter, which is why we see galaxies form into clusters and superclusters. Even so, that’s still not enough for the calculations astronomers have been getting. Somewhere out there in the most heavily veiled area of space lies a massive gravitational irregularity that has been dubbed the Great Attractor. Over the course of billions of years, it’s been pulling us and all the galaxies near us closer to it.

The Great Attractor is thought to be at the gravitational center of the Laniakea supercluster—of which the Milky Way is but one galaxy of 100,000 others. One theory is that it’s a confluence of dark energy. Another is that it might be caused by over-density, an area of dense mass with an intense gravitational pull.

Corporate Identity


Making the most customized Eco system by enlarging Strategic Partnership
with firms equipped with loT device, Data science Technogloy and Edge Computing.

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